Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friends are Gems:)

Emory 6 months, Laurali 6 weeks

I swear there is a baby in there:)

Last week I had one of my best friends from college and her family come visit me. Her husband has family in Florida, so they made a stop off of 95 to come see the Merritt's. They have two kiddos- Taylor 2 and Emory 6 months. We had such a GREAT TIME. Amanda and I had girl time and Chris did some man stuff around the house that I haven't done since Braden and his family left. He took the trash out and mowed my lawn. He even surprised Amanda and I with a MASSAGE!! What a wonderful man:) And I mean it, seriously!! He watched all three babies (three under age 2) and when we came home, they were all sleeping. I don't think Nanny 911 or whatever her name is could have accomplished that! I loved watching Chris and Amanda be parents. I was observing and getting tips for when Laurali has her own thoughts and ways. Taylor was so well behaved and charismatic-it brought so much joy to my heart. Emory is such a handsome happy little boy. Here are some pictures from their visit.

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